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Number of Articles: 3
1. The Clinical Comparison of Intraosseous and Intravenous Anesthesia (Thiopental-Na) in Pigeon

Volume 13, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Pages 401-409

Mohammad Reza Aghchelou; Samane Bakhshi; Dariush Saadati

2. Isolation and Molecular Identification of Mycoplasma spp. From Pigeons in the North-East of Iran

Volume 12, Issue 3, Summer 2018, Pages 181-187

Safiheh Ghohestani; Tayebeh Zeinali; Jamshid Razmyar; Gholamali Kalidari; Mohammadreza Bassami

3. A comparative study on some cardiopulmonary effects, anesthesia quality, and recovery time of isoflurane vs. propofol in domestic pigeons (Columba livia domesticus)

Volume 9, Issue 1, Spring 2015, Pages 33-40

HamidReza Mehmannavaz; Mohhamad Reza Emami; Jamshid Razmyar; Hossein Kazemi Mehrjerdi