Keywords = Multiplex PCR
Evaluation of a Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction for the Simultaneous Detection of Vibrio spp. in Vegetables and Water

Volume 14, Issue 4, October 2020, Pages 386-392


Hamed Ahari; Sonia Shoja Gharehbagh; Seyed Amir Ali Anvar; Mahtab Aftoom; Mohammadreza Khani

Mislabeling in Cooked Sausage is a Seriously Increasingly Problem in Food Safety

Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 101-113


Tareq Al-Qassab; Abolfazl Kamkar; Parviz Shayan; Ali Khanjari

Distribution of virulence associated genes in isolated Escherichia coli from avian colibacillosis

Volume 7, Issue 1, April 2013, Pages 1-6


Khatereh Kafshdouzan; Taghi Zahraei Salehi; Bahar Nayeri; Omid Madadgar; Shinji Yamasaki; Atsushi Hinenoya; Nouritomo Yasuda