Author = Bagheri, Seyed Sina
Number of Articles: 3
1. RAPD-PCR and Drug Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Recovered from Companion and Wild Birds

Volume 13, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Pages 356-364

Seyed Sina Bagheri; Seyed Mostafa Peighambari; Mohammad Soltani; Mohammad Malekan

2. Detection and Molecular Characterization of Gammacoronavirus in Quail Population in Iran

Volume 13, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 251-259

Seyed Sina Bagheri; Seyed Mostafa Peighambari; Arash Ghalyanchi Langeroudi

3. Phylogenetic study based on the phosphoprotein gene of Iranian Newcastle disease viruses (NDV) isolates, 2010 -2012

Volume 8, Issue 2, Summer 2014, Pages 73-77

Arash Ghalyanchi Langeroudi; Hossein Hossein; Vahid Karimi; Omid Madadgar; Masoud Hashemzadeh; Seyed Ali Ghafouri; Seyed Sina Bagheri; Seyed Milad Vahedi