Author = Vojgani, Mahdi
Evaluation of Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in Postpartum Holstein Dairy Cows Following Supplementation of Immunofin® Herbal Extract

Volume 16, Issue 3, August 2022, Pages 274-287


Maziar Kaveh Baghbadorani; Jaleel Mehrzad; Mahdi Vodjgani; Alireza Khosravi; Vahid Akbarinejad

Greater Reproductive Performance in Holstein Dairy Cows with Moderate Length of Anogenital Distance at First Service Postpartum

Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 46-56


Mohammad Javad Mozaffari Makiabadi; Vahid Akbarinejad; Farid Heidari; Faramarz Gharagozlou; Mehdi Vojgani

Improvement of First-Service Conception Rate in Dairy Cows after the Injection of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin Six Days Postpartum

Volume 15, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 187-195


Hafez Sadeghi; Faramarz Gharagozloo; Mahdi Vodjgani; Vahid Akbarinejad; Hamid Dehghan Harati; Ali Salimi Viyari

Efficacy of Pre-Synchronization and CIDR on the Outcome of Short-TermSynchronization Program in Zandi Ewes During the Breeding Season

Volume 15, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 46-55


Reza Arjmandi; Mahdi Vodjgani; Amir Niasari Naslaji; Faramarz Gharagozlou; Vahid Akbarinejad

An investigation on the possibility of using eCG for presynchronization prior to ovsynch in dairy cow

Volume 12, Issue 2, June 2018, Pages 85-97


Amir Niasari-Naslaji; Hadi Kavousi Nodar; Mahdi Vojgani; Farid Heidari

The evaluation of udder health status in Holstein dairy farms located in Qom province

Volume 8, Issue 4, January 2015, Pages 255-260


Tayebeh Mahmoodi Afsah; Mehdi Vojgani; Faramarz Gharagozlou; Vahid Akbarinejad

Acase of perosomus elumbis concurrent with visceral abnormalities in a Holstein calf

Volume 8, Issue 2, August 2014, Pages 143-145


Mohsen Eslami; Faramarz Gharagozlo; Peyman Rahimi Feyli; Mahdi Vodjgani; Sarang Soroori