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The Iranian Journal of Veterinary Medicine (Iran J Vet Med) is an international open-access peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles, reviews, and scientific reports of a high scientific and ethical standard in the veterinary sciences and related academic disciplines. This journal is published four times per year in English by the Farname Inc & Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Tehran being distributed worldwide. It covers all the scientific and technological subjects of veterinary sciences in general, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Bacteriology, Virology, Immunology, Molecular biology, Pathology, Public health, Parasitology, Infectious diseases, Clinical sciences, Surgery, Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Nutrition, Welfare, Evolution, alternative Veterinary Medicine and other Biomedical fields. Papers on all species of animals are considered and a priority publication scheme exists for papers of outstanding merit and topicality.

 ISO Abbreviation: Iran J Vet Med

Frequency: Quarterly 

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Acceptance Rate: About 40%

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Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 2, April 2022, Pages 99-210 

Reproduction - Physiology

3. The Effects of Central Ghrelin on Serum Parameters Related to Energy Metabolism in Neonatal Chicks

Pages 110-118


Ladan Emadi; Hossein Jonaidi; Saeed Nazifi; Hamed Khasti; Elahe Rohani; Hiroyuki Kaiya

Infectious agents- Diseases- Surgery

5. Characterization of the Full Length P and M Genes in a Newcastle Disease Virus Isolated from Chicken Farms in Northeast of Iran

Pages 126-143


Solmaz Morovati; Mohammad Reza Bassami; Gholam Ali Kalidari; Amin Tavassoli; Jamshid Razmyar; Mohammad Mahdi Ghahramani Seno


7. Prevalence of Prototheca and Fungal Contamination of Bulk Milk Tank of Industrial Dairy Cattle Herds in Iran

Pages 155-165


Ebrahim Hosseinabdai; Massoud Talebkhan Garoussi; Ali Reza Khosravi; Faramarz Gharaghozloo; Babak Khorramian Toosi; Farhad Moosakhani


8. Evaluation of Soy Lecithin Efficacy in Comparison with Egg Yolk on Freezing of Epididymal Sperm in Dogs

Pages 166-177


Ahmad Yousef; Hamid Ghasemzadeh-nava; Parviz Tajik; Vahid Akbarinejad; Armin Towhidi

Genetic and Toxicology

9. A New Practical Purification Method for Type D Clostridium perfringens Epsilon Toxin by Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) and Ultrafiltration (UF)

Pages 178-187


Mokarameh Poudineh Morref; Mohammad Kazem Koohi; Mojtaba Alimolaei; Tara Emami; Jalal Hassan

Anatomy- Biochemistry

10. Histomorphometric and Biochemical Study of Liver and Thyroid Hormones Following Administration of MoO3 Nanoparticles in Female Rats

Pages 188-201


Negin Badi; Simin Fazelipour; Tahereh Naji; Mohammad Babaei; Ali Kalantari Hesari


11. Intrathoracic Ectopic Liver in a Dog: A Case Report

Pages 202-209


Mohamad Naser Nazem; Seyed Mohsen Sajjadiyan; Bahador Shojaei; Reza Kheirandish; Mohammad Hasanzadeh