Assessment of Bacteria and Physicochemical Parameters in Poultry Drinking Water in Skikda Region (Algeria)

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1 GSPA Research Laboratory (Management of Animal Health and Productions), Institute of Veterinary Sciences, University Mentouri Brothers Constantine-1, Constantine, Algeria

2 Laboratory of Sciences and Living Techniques, Institute of Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences, University of Souk-Ahras, Algeria

3 Department of Biology, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Phase VI, Sector C, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan



Background: Water is an essential nutrient for animals and therefore quality preservation is fundamental for good birds live in flocks.
Objectives: This study aims to evaluate the microbiological and physicochemical quality of poultry water among farms in the Skikda region of Algeria.
Methods: Fifteen samples from 15 locations in Skikda city (Northeastern Algeria) both from broiler and from layer were collected. The samples were processed for bacterial analysis such as total coliforms, faecal coliforms, faecal streptococci and, Salmonella. The levels of physcico-chemical and heavy metals were also measured.
Results: The diverse contaminations of the total coliforms, the faecal coliforms, and the streptococci, were noticed 53%, 13% and 20% respectively. The analysis showed the absence of Salmonella in all analysed samples. The results for the totality of samples were of satisfactory in terms of pH, nitrate, chloride, copper dosage, cadmium, and lead. The study showed higher levels for physicochemical parameters like hardness (69,30±71,93°F), alkalinity (53,3507±61,1743), nitrates (0,7076±1,1605); and heavy metals such as iron (0,1568±0,2035), the cadmium (0,0056±0,0119) and the nickel (0,0256±0,0512) were found.
Conclusion: The quality of water analyzed at these poultry farm is far from satisfactory and presents diverse contaminations by the coliforms and the streptococci, some physico-chemical properties and heavy metals.


Article Title [Persian]

ارزیابی باکتری ها و پارامترهای فیزیکوشیمیایی درآب آشامیدنی طیور منطقه اسکیدا (الجزایر)

Authors [Persian]

  • سامیا دجفال 1
  • هیند موسو 2
  • روحیلا یاسمین 3
  • بوسبایین اینس 1
  • بلممگونای مریمه 1
  • بوعزیز عمر 1
1 آزمایشگاه تحقیقاتی GSPA (مدیریت سلامت و تولیدات دامی)، مؤسسه علوم دامپزشکی، دانشگاه منتوری برادران کنستانتین-1، کنستانتین، الجزایر
2 آزمایشگاه علوم و فنون زندگی، موسسه کشاورزی و دامپزشکی علوم، دانشگاه سوق احراس، الجزایر
3 گروه زیست شناسی، دانشگاه گارنیسون لاهور، لاهور، فاز VI، بخش C، DHA، لاهور، پاکستان

Keywords [Persian]

  • باکتری شناسی
  • فلزات سنگین
  • شیمی فیزیک
  • طیور
  • آب