Neuroprotective effect of allogeneic biomaterial on rat neocortex after its intramuscular injection

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1 Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Bashkir State Medical University”, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, (All-Russian Center for Eye and Plastic Surgery),

2 Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Saint Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine”,Saint Petersburg,Russia,



Background. Forced physical activity causes a violation of all organs and systems interactions. Allogeneic biomaterial has been used for many years for regeneration, but remote exposure hasn’t been studied. Objectives. The aim of this research is the morphological study of experimental animals' precentral gyrus neocortex under conditions of background forced physical activity and after intramuscular injection of allogeneic biomaterial. Methods. Male Wistar rats were used for the experiment. The Porsolt test, or despair test, was used for 30 days. In the main group (n=10), after all 30 swimming sessions, allogeneic biomaterial (BMA) was injected intramuscularly. In the control group (n=10), the animals were injected with saline in the same volume. 5 and 21 days after the injections, a tolerance load test was performed, after which the animals were taken out of the experiment by insufflation of a lethal dose of chloroform vapors, the brain was removed, and morphological studies were performed. Result. In the experimental group 5 days after the BMA injection, the median level of the multiplicity of tolerant load was significantly higher than in the control group, respectively, and remained so in the long term. The neocortex of the control group animals was characterized by the development of pathomorphological changes. After 21 days, these signs persisted. In the early period after the BMA injection, no signs of nervous tissue edema were detected. A clear architectonics of the neocortex neurocytes layers was preserved. Conclusion. Allogeneic biomaterial has a positive systemic effect on the organism. Also, neuroprotective and immunomodulating effects have been recorded.


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اثر محافظت عصبی ماده زیستی آلوژنیک بر نئوکورتکس موش پس از تزریق عضلانی آن

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  • یوگنی مویسینوویچ گارو 1
  • لیالیا آخیاروونا موسینا 1
  • آلکسی ویکتوروویچ پورساکوف 2
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  • مواد زیستی آلوژنیک
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