Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, Autumn 2007, Pages 1-60 (Journal of Veterinary Research) 


1. Comparative evaluation of pregnancy rates in Dutch laboratory rabbit after insemination and natural breeding

Pages 63-65

Mohammad Hosein Motedayen; Fatemeh Todehdehghan; Parviz Tajik

Infectious agents- Diseases- Surgery

3. A study on filariosis of stray dogs in Garmsar

Pages 73-76

Shahrokh Ranjbar Bahadori; Ali Hekmatkhah

Infectious agents- Diseases- Surgery

5. Diagnosis of brucellosis by use of BACTEC blood culture and confirmation by PCR

Pages 83-86

Parviz Maleknejad; Hadi Peeri-Dogaheh; Ali Akbar Zargar; Sirus Jafari; Bahram Fathollahzadeh

6. Comoarison of PCR and bacterial culture methods for diagnosis of dairy cattles subclinical submastitis caused by staphylocuccus aureus

Pages 87-91

Masoud Ghorbanpoor; Masoudreza Seifiabad Shapouri; Hosein Motamedi; Mahmood Jamshidian; Saad Gooraninejad

7. Seroprevalence of Leptospiral infection in goats of Ahvaz

Pages 93-96

Mohammad Rahim Haji Hajikolaei; Masoud Ghorbanpoor; Mojtaba Keshavarzi -Yangabadi; Gholamreza Abdollahpour


8. The immunohistochemical study of lesions due to avian infectious brinchitis (Serotype 4/91)on different tissues in specific pathogen free chicks

Pages 97-101

Saeid Nahdavi; Abbas Tavasoly; Seyad Ali Pourbakhsh; Reza Momayez; Mehrdad Shamsedini

Infectious agents- Diseases- Surgery

10. Preliminary study on virulence of some isolates of entomopathogenic fungi in different developmental stages of Boophilus annulatus in Iran

Pages 113-118

Khodadad Pirali -Kheirabadi; Hamid Reza Haddaszadeh; Mahdi Razzaghi-Abyaneh; Rasoul Zare; Shahrokh Ranjbar- Bahadori; Safegh Rahbari; Sedigheh Nabian; Mohammad Rezaeian

Reproduction - Physiology

12. Glutamate ionotropic and metabotropic receptors affect feed intake in broiler cockerels

Pages 125-129

Ali Baghbanzadeh; Vahab Babapour

Case Report

13. Sayyed Esma'il Jorjani, founder of Persian medicine

Pages 131-140

Hasan Tadjbakhsh

Reproduction - Physiology

14. Color discrimination in Caspian pony

Pages 141-146

Seyed Mohsen Ahmadinejad; Jamshid Pishkar; Mohammad Reza Asadi; Abbas Abavisani; Alireza Hasani

Infectious agents- Diseases- Surgery

15. Healing potential of liquorice root extract on dermal wounds in rats

Pages 147-154

Mohammad Mahdi Oloumi; Amin Derakhshanfar; Abbas Nikpoor