Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, April 2017, Pages 105-200 

Infectious agents- Diseases

Molecular and serological detection of Neospora caninum in multiple tissues and CSF in asymptomatic infected stray dogs.

Pages 105-112


Ali Pouramini; Shahram Jamshidi; Parviz Shayan; Elahe Ebrahimzadeh; Mehdi Namavari; Sadegh Shirian

Physiology- Pharmacology-Biochemistry -Toxicology

Effect of sub acute exposure of nano Zinc particles on oxidative stress parameters in rats

Pages 155-164


Marzie Hejazy; Mohammad Kazem Koohi

Anatomy- Histology

Evaluation of antioxidant potential of Aloe vera and pituitary sexual hormones after experimental diabetes in male rats.

Pages 164-174


Mohammad Amin Behmanesh; Naeem Efani Majd; Ali Shahriari; Hossein Nnajafzadeh


Evaluate Toxocara Canis Excretory-Secretory Antigens in Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis (EAE)

Pages 175-183


Mehdi Borhani zarandi; Seyed Hosein Hoseini; Fatemeh Jalousian; Fazeleh Etebar; Mohamad Vojgani

Theriogenology and Reproduction

Investigation of the effect of progesterone (Cue-MateTM) administration on ovulation induction in photostimulated anestrus mares

Pages 183-190


Hamid Ghasemzadeh-nava; Mazyar Kaveh Baghbadorani; Jalal Gharavi; Nima Ghahremani; Faramarz Gharagozloo