Author = Vahid Akbarinejad
Comparison of Reproductive Performance Using Progesterone Vaginal Implant and eCG in Out of Breeding Season in Cyclic and Anestrus Dairy Ewes

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 04 July 2023


Massoud Talebkhan Garoussi; Navid Jahan Roshan; Vahid Akbarinejad; Sareh Azarmi

Evaluation of Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in Postpartum Holstein Dairy Cows Following Supplementation of Immunofin® Herbal Extract

Volume 16, Issue 3, August 2022, Pages 274-287


Maziar Kaveh Baghbadorani; Jaleel Mehrzad; Mahdi Vodjgani; Alireza Khosravi; Vahid Akbarinejad

Greater Reproductive Performance in Holstein Dairy Cows with Moderate Length of Anogenital Distance at First Service Postpartum

Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 46-56


Mohammad Javad Mozaffari Makiabadi; Vahid Akbarinejad; Farid Heidari; Faramarz Gharagozlou; Mehdi Vojgani

The evaluation of udder health status in Holstein dairy farms located in Qom province

Volume 8, Issue 4, January 2015, Pages 255-260


Tayebeh Mahmoodi Afsah; Mehdi Vojgani; Faramarz Gharagozlou; Vahid Akbarinejad